The real Belgian sauces

Made in Belgium, the quality label for sauces. August & Henri ® therefore offers a wide range of high-quality Belgian sauces. This ranges from the classic snackbar sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup, andalouse, cocktail sauce … to more exotic sauces such as chili thai sauce, chili mango, burger sauce, döner sauce …

As you can see, August & Henri ® has a sauce to spice up any dish!

Traditional Belgian sauces with the taste of yesteryear

We would like to tell you that the real Belgian sauces start with mayonnaise, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is still some discussion between Spain and France about the origin of mayonnaise. What is certain is that mayonnaise was the first sauce of father August with his son Henri.

It is on this tradition that August & Henri ® recipes are based. Step by step and from generation to generation, the recipes of the various cold sauces were perfected. Today, August & Henri offers a wide range of sauces that can be stored at room temperature for a long time. The long shelf life, together with the storage conditions, also make our sauces perfectly suitable for export.

Belgian sauces from all over the world

The traditional Belgian mayonnaise has a fat content of 80% and 7.5% egg yolk. We find many different recipes in our borders, such as sweet fritsauce in the Netherlands with a lower fat content, salat mayonnaise in Germany or mayonnaise with a hint of mustard flavor in France. At August & Henri ® we are happy to meet this demand and foreign customers can also come to us for their favorite recipe.

In addition to mayonnaise, you can of course go to August & Henri for tomato ketchup or curry ketchup, but also an andalouse, algérienne, samourai, brazil, hannibal, américaine, kebab, curry, doner, mammouth, black pepper …


The packages

Both as a consumer and professional you can contact August & Henri for your Belgian sauces. All our sauces are available in consumer packs of 300ml and 500ml squeeze bottles. The professional user can choose between a 925ml squeeze tube, a 3L PET jar or a 5L or 10L bucket. We also supply your Belgian sauces in bulk for industrial customers.

Are you looking for the real traditional Belgian sauces? Then you’ve come to the right place at August & Henri! Season all your dishes, for your fries bags, sandwiches, hot dogs, kebab sandwiches, barbecues, cold dishes, fish dishes…

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