Belgium is the country of true cold sauces!

The Belgian cuisine has an extremely rich history. Just think of our mussels, Flemish stew, vol-au-vent, Brussels chicory, shrimp croquettes, Liège waffles, … and of course Belgian fries! Obviously you will not be surprised that a tasty sauce fits with each of these delicious dishes! Whether it is a cold mayonnaise, a mussel sauce, andalouse, cocktail sauce or a warm dessert sauce .. Made in Belgium is the quality label for cold sauces!

The flavors

August & Henri ®, the authentic sauce brand of Fresh & Saucy Foods ®, therefore offers a wide range of classic cold sauces and exotic cold sauces. Traditional Belgian mayonnaise and tomato ketchup go hand in hand with an Asian Chili Thai sauce, an American burger sauce, a Doner sauce inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine and a Harissa of Tunisian origin.

So do you prefer a sour or a sweet sauce? Are you a fan of an exotic or a spicy sauce? Or are you looking for a plant-based sauce or a sauce rich in omega 3? The August & Henri ® range has a appetizing sauce for everyone.

The packages

August & Henri ® allows both consumers and professionals to enjoy its worldly sauces! The cold sauces are available in handy consumer packaging as well as in hygienic bulk packaging for professional consumers. Consumers can choose to their heart’s content from our 300ml and 500ml squeeze bottles, while our sales team is happy to advise the professional user in his search for the ideal squeeze tube of 925ml, a 3L PET jar or a bucket of 5L or 10L. Industrial customers can of course also turn to August & Henri ®. We deliver our cold sauces also in bulk!

The recipes

The recipes of our August & Henri ® sauces have been carefully developed so that the sauces can be stored at room temperature for a long time. However, to maintain an optimal taste, we recommend keeping the sauces in the refrigerator after opening. The storage conditions in combination with the long shelf life make our cold sauces perfect for the Belgian fries and snacking world. Our cold sauces are as well extremely suitable for export. Our customer service is happy to help and unburden you with all your export plans!

So it becomes clear! Whether around a delicious cone of fries, a richly filled sandwich, a gourmet hot dog, a spicy pita or kebab dish, a summer barbecue, a veggie cold dish or a delicious fish dish … the cold sauces from August & Henri ® harmonize worldly flavors and connect cultures across borders!

Do you still need inspiration? With August & Henri ® sauces you will always find a sauce to enjoy with family and friends! Contact our sales team, by phone at +32 (0) 14 24 84 00 or by mail at

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