Our authentic cold curry sauce

Are you looking for a nice cold curry sauce for your dishes? Look no further… August & Henri sauces are made for you! Discover -almost- all the secrets of our authentic recipe and get some inspirational tips for cooking yourself!

August & Henri cold curry sauce recipe

The August & Henri curry sauce contains an oil content of 50%. This gives a creamy taste and a nice smooth structure thanks to the fine egg yolk emulsion. A perfect blend of 7 carefully selected herbs and spices provide a unique taste sensation in your mouth.

Like all August & Henri sauces, the cold curry sauce does not contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms. The corn starch used is also non-GMO! On the other hand, be alert to allergens in cold curry sauce. In addition to egg, the sauce also contains the allergens of mustard and celery.

The beautiful yellow-green color is obtained naturally, without the use of synthetic dyes. The disadvantage is that the color fades quickly under the influence of light. It is therefore best to store the curry sauce in a cool, dark place.

Presentation suggestions

The cold curry sauce is delicious with both cold and hot chicken and rice dishes. Also as a dip sauce for fried mini spring rolls, raw vegetables and even salted crisps.

You can also serve the curry sauce with pasta salads and fish dishes. Just think of spaghetti with scampi and apples in a curry sauce or the finish of a salmon fillet with a cold curry sauce.

Snack lovers can also find the cold curry sauce in every chip shop. The most famous combinations are probably the only traditional Belgian dumpling and the iconic sausage – “cervela” – with a cold curry sauce.

If you want to make your own weekend sandwich spreads, you can also use August & Henri’s cold curry sauce as a base. Toss the curry sauce with a few chunks of chicken fillet, make your own curried Danish herring, or surprise friends and family with your homemade curry crab salad.

Finally, just like tartare, cocktail sauce and garlic sauce, curry sauce is essential at every fondue table and a permanent representative at every successful barbecue!

Packaging and storage conditions

Consumers find the curry sauce in convenient 300ml bottles at www.piki.be. While professionals can choose from a wide range of wholesale packaging. In addition to the 925ml tubes, the cold curry sauce is also available in 3L PET jars and in 5L and 10L buckets.

Like all of our sauces, cold curry sauce can also be stored at room temperature and preferably in a dark place. After opening, we recommend that you keep the sauce in the refrigerator. This helps prevent oil oxidation in the sauce and maintains optimal taste.

Do you still have some questions? Do you want to know how to find curry sauce on your table? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information: sales@augusthenri.be