Vegan chili mayo sauce

Vegan chili mayo sauce is a successful combination of mayonnaise and chili sauce. It is an example of accomplished culinary fusion, which has its roots in modern cuisine.
Although there is no precise origin for the creation of this sauce, it is mainly found in Asia. Indeed, countries like Thailand, Korea and Japan have a tradition of using hot and sweet sauces in their dishes. It would therefore be the influence of this Far Eastern cuisine on Western gastronomy which would have introduced this concept into current recipes.

But this is not the only explanation: since the 1980s, the mass arrival of fast food has also played a crucial role. This new way of eating has pushed gourmet chefs to innovate with sauces to accompany popular dishes like fries, burgers and sandwiches. Chili mayo sauce is one of those sauces that has enjoyed great success since this culinary revolution.

Ingredients beneficial to health

The delicious vegan chili mayo sauce is not just a treat for the straws. It is made up of carefully selected ingredients which provide significant benefits for the human body.

The pepper

Thanks to its capsaicin content, chili pepper protects against inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

Rich in vitamins C, E, iron, zinc and magnesium, it is an excellent ally to get you back in shape, especially in the event of a cold or respiratory congestion.

Also, it helps reduce stress through its production of endorphins.

And do you know his actions on your line? Because you may not know it, but this fruit vegetable is an excellent fat burner, as well as an actor that promotes good digestion.

But its most important advantage is that chili pepper, through the presence of antioxidants in its composition, helps fight against the appearance of certain colorectal tumors.

Mustard seed

Rich in vitamins (A, C and K), as well as minerals (iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium), mustard seed has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It facilitates the digestion process and improves intestinal health.

Its omega-3 content helps reduce cholesterol and maintain heart health.

As for its actions on the immune system, they are just as impressive, since mustard seed fights bacterial and fungal infections.

It also helps cleanse the liver, eliminating toxins.

Among its benefits, we also note its importance in regulating insulin in the blood, which is a big “plus” for people with diabetes.

Finally, this miraculous little seed plays a key role in relieving joint and muscle pain.


Its reputation has been forged over the millennia throughout the world, thanks to its medicinal virtues. It is one of the “super foods”, precisely because its actions on the body are most beneficial.

First of all, ginger repels bacterial and viral infections, which is why it is highly recommended in cases of flu.

It relieves pain (muscular, arthritic, menstrual, etc.) and calms nausea due to pregnancy or chemotherapy.

It stimulates the appetite, facilitates intestinal transit and soothes the stomach.

Recipe suggestions

What’s great about vegan chili mayo sauce is that you can use it to spice up many dishes.

Fried seafood, nuggets and potatoes know something about it.

We also love the chili mayo sauce served with good grilled meat… Yum !

But that’s not all: it goes wonderfully with tacos, burgers, wraps and sandwiches.

And if you want to spice up your salad, replace your usual mayo with this vegan sauce: you will immediately feel the difference.

We offer you two tasty recipes that you can serve with this slightly spicy sauce.

It’s time to enjoy chili mayo sauce!

The theory is good. But practice is better! What are you waiting for to taste it?

The chili mayo sauce awakens your taste buds for an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

The creamy sweetness of mayonnaise meets the spicy intensity of chili for an extraordinary taste experience. You will be surprised by this perfect balance between sweetness and spiciness.

Whether to accompany your crispy fries, spice up your juicy burgers, spice up your sandwiches or even give character to your salads, our sauce adapts to all your desires.

Chili mayo sauce is the ideal ally for your barbecues, picnics, evenings with friends or family meals. Add a touch of excitement to every occasion!

It will quickly become a “must have” in your kitchen because you won’t be able to do without it.

No more bland and uninteresting dishes. With this slightly spicy sauce, you transform every bite into an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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