Gourmet time

The holidays are coming and that only means one thing: gourmet time! Gourmet is undoubtedly one of the best choices during Christmas or New Year. You can hardly avoid it, you will see a delicious assortment in every single supermarket. Some baguette, herb butter and sauces on the table. Because, no gourmet without sauces, right? But what are the best sauces for gourmet?

The classics

Let’s not argue: a good mayonnaise goes with everything! But in addition to all these more classic sauces such as ketchup, cocktail and barbecue, we also have more special sauces on offer that will make your mouth water. Take our black pepper, for example, which is delicious with a steak or hamburger. You can compare this with a soft pepper sauce in which black pepper balls provide a slightly spicy taste.

Can it be a bit more spicy?

If you like it a bit more spicy with your piece of meat, you can always go for algerienne. A sauce based on crispy onions. This is also very tasty with a piece of chicken! Algerienne is currently one of the most popular snack sauces in France.

In addition to Algerienne, we also have a wide range of spicy sauces, such as samourai, pili-pili, döner, chili-thai …

A sweet alternative?

Would you rather have a sweet sauce for chicken? Then the brazil sauce is an ideal choice, a sweet and exotic sauce with pineapple.

Some other sweet sauces are hannibal, the sauce has a slightly smoked taste with crispy pieces of onion. Or mammouth, a slightly spicy sauce based on tomato, gherkins and onion pieces.

Gourmet with fish, salads and pasta

Are you not a meat lover and would you rather go for a piece of fish? Then go for our tasty tartar sauce, a freshly acidified mayonnaise with capers, onions and parsley flakes.

Of course you will also find an extensive range of vegetable sauces at August & Henri to season all your salads, vegetables and pasta dishes. For example, you can choose from tomato basil, inspired by the classic pasta sauce based on basil and tomato. The mushroom truffle, where the truffle gives a natural flavor boost to your dish. Or how about red pepper coconut, slightly spicy, inspired by the Thai curry sauce with red pepper and coconut.

A sauce for everyone

Fortunately, everyone has their own favorite!

Enjoy the gourmet and the cozy together!

All our sauces are also available at www.piki.be.

Enjoy your meal!