Cold sauces for meat

Our cold sauces for meat

Served with a sauce, everything tastes much better! Here are some tips for the carnivores among you to prepare their meals with their favorite cold sauces for meat.

Steak & entrecote

Black Pepper sauce is the sauce from the August & Henri ® range to serve with steaks and entrecote. The spicy peppercorns in combination with a slightly fruity undertone make Black Pepper Sauce perfectly suited to these meat dishes.

The tartar sauce also goes well with steak and entrecote. Onions and herbs provide an extra taste sensation, while capers add a fresh touch to the meat.

Finally, cocktail sauce and cold curry sauce are also often served with these meat dishes. Just like the classic mayonnaise and tomato ketchup sauces. In short, enough choice with August & Henri ® sauces!

The ribs

August & Henri ® barbecue sauce is mildly sweet and lightly smoky. The viscous structure makes the sauce perfect for dressing the sides of ribs. To lick your thumbs and fingers!

Lovers of spicy dishes can marinate the ribs with Chili Thai sauce. Inspired by oriental cuisine, this sweet sauce gives a spicy and tangy taste to the meat.


Burger Sauce… just the name says it all! Thanks to a sweet pineapple taste in combination with a fresh pickle acidity, burger sauce is a must have for every burger!

Lovers of sweet sauces can certainly experiment with mammoth sauce and Brazilian sauce.

If you prefer to spice up your hamburger, the samurai, Algerian and pili pili sauces from August & Henri ® accept the challenge and give your burgers a spicy taste!

Doner kebab, shawarma & pita

August & Henri ® offers you a wide choice of delicious sauces for doner kebab, shawarma and pita. First, there is the spicy döner sauce. This spicy tomato sauce has its roots in the Middle East and contains the perfect seasoning for doner kebab dishes.

In addition, kebab sauce also has many fans among lovers of these meat dishes. The kebab sauce contains garlic and parsley, popular ingredients that perfectly support the taste of the meat.

If you don’t like garlic or want to keep your breath fresh :-D, you can go for the easy-to-digest blanche sauce with crunchy pickle pieces and thin onions.


A great classic in the world of Belgian frying is the meatball – “dumpling” – with a cold curry sauce. As a spicy mustard tomato sauce, Andalusian sauce is also extremely tasty with cold fricadelles.

Kids will prefer a sweet Brazil sauce with their meatballs, while the sweet hannibal sauce with crunchy chunks of onion is also a great companion for meatballs.

Curry Sausage, Frankfurter and Smoked Sausage

Curried sausage is often served with mayonnaise, ketchup and / or ketchup curry with fresh onions. Thanks to August & Henri ® mammoth sauce, you can combine the best properties of these 3 sauces with crunchy pieces of onion in one sauce!

Along with cooked sausages and smoked sausages (often called frankfurters), traditionally ketchup or mustard is served. While Algerian, samurai, pili pili, brazil or hannibal sauce are perfect to enrich your sausages for gourmet hotdogs.


August & Henri® mustard is essential for aperitifs where salami cubes are served. With a pearl onion and a pickle, the slightly spicy mustard takes on its full meaning!