Blanche sauce

Welcome to the new August & Henri sauces blog. Ready to discover all our sauces with flavours from around the world? Today we present to you one of the most versatile sauces … the Blanche sauce!

What is blanche sauce?

Blanche sauce (white sauce) is part of our family of cold emulsified August & Henri sauces. The white sauce is very creamy and very smooth in texture. The taste is delicious and very fresh thanks to the crunchy pickles and a touch of mustard. Herbs complete the sensation of taste!

Presentation suggestions

Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or fish eater, the white sauce will be loved by everyone! Let’s discover the characteristics of August & Henri white sauce together.

White sauce is perfect for kebab, shawarma and pitta dishes. Moreover, it is a good alternative for cheese sauces that accompany tacos. In addition the white sauce is ideal for all kinds of sandwiches and breads. Take your pick and enjoy a good chicken sandwich, with fresh vegetables and white sauce as a topping. Garlic lovers can add a little fresh garlic to enhance the taste (like August & Henri’s garlic kebab sauce).

In addition, the white sauce is also suitable as a dressing for cold salads. Prepare your fresh vegetables and mix them with a little white sauce. You can even add fresh Greek yogurt to it to soften the taste. As a result, August & Henri’s white sauce allows you to create your own party on your plate in spring and summer!

Are the cold days approaching? Or do you prefer hot vegetables? The white sauce doesn’t leave you out in the cold! Thanks to its low fat content, August & Henri white sauce is tasty with steamed vegetables as well.

In addition for vegetarians there are falafels with ground chickpeas. A delicious appetizer with white sauce as a dip sauce!

Do you want to eat fish? The white sauce goes well with all kinds of fish. Pink prawns, gray prawns, a good fillet of salmon and even with white fish. Thanks to its fine herbs, white sauce is the perfect seasoning for your fish dishes!

Homemade Blanche sauce

You are the chef in your own kitchen! Create your own homemade white sauce with August & Henri mayonnaise as a base. By adding fresh pickles or cucumbers and a touch of chopped parsley, you can give your signature white sauce! Adventurers can also add Greek yogurt for a Mediterranean touch or tahini (sesame paste) for an oriental touch.

Sauce you soon!

So far for this pleasant introduction to our white sauce. Share your creations with us on our social networks. Take advantage of our sauces and stay tuned to discover the full range of August & Henri sauces!