Cold sauces for meat

Our cold sauces for meat

Served with a sauce, everything tastes much better! Here are some tips for the carnivores among you to prepare their meals with their favorite cold sauces for meat.

Steak & entrecote

Black Pepper sauce is the sauce from the August & Henri ® range to serve with steaks and entrecote. The spicy peppercorns in combination with a slightly fruity undertone make Black Pepper Sauce perfectly suited to these meat dishes.

The tartar sauce also goes well with steak and entrecote. Onions and herbs provide an extra taste sensation, while capers add a fresh touch to the meat.

Finally, cocktail sauce and cold curry sauce are also often served with these meat dishes. Just like the classic mayonnaise and tomato ketchup sauces. In short, enough choice with August & Henri ® sauces!

The ribs

August & Henri ® barbecue sauce is mildly sweet and lightly smoky. The viscous structure makes the sauce perfect for dressing the sides of ribs. To lick your thumbs and fingers!

Lovers of spicy dishes can marinate the ribs with Chili Thai sauce. Inspired by oriental cuisine, this sweet sauce gives a spicy and tangy taste to the meat.


Burger Sauce… just the name says it all! Thanks to a sweet pineapple taste in combination with a fresh pickle acidity, burger sauce is a must have for every burger!

Lovers of sweet sauces can certainly experiment with mammoth sauce and Brazilian sauce.

If you prefer to spice up your hamburger, the samurai, Algerian and pili pili sauces from August & Henri ® accept the challenge and give your burgers a spicy taste!

Doner kebab, shawarma & pita

August & Henri ® offers you a wide choice of delicious sauces for doner kebab, shawarma and pita. First, there is the spicy döner sauce. This spicy tomato sauce has its roots in the Middle East and contains the perfect seasoning for doner kebab dishes.

In addition, kebab sauce also has many fans among lovers of these meat dishes. The kebab sauce contains garlic and parsley, popular ingredients that perfectly support the taste of the meat.

If you don’t like garlic or want to keep your breath fresh :-D, you can go for the easy-to-digest blanche sauce with crunchy pickle pieces and thin onions.


A great classic in the world of Belgian frying is the meatball – “dumpling” – with a cold curry sauce. As a spicy mustard tomato sauce, Andalusian sauce is also extremely tasty with cold fricadelles.

Kids will prefer a sweet Brazil sauce with their meatballs, while the sweet hannibal sauce with crunchy chunks of onion is also a great companion for meatballs.

Curry Sausage, Frankfurter and Smoked Sausage

Curried sausage is often served with mayonnaise, ketchup and / or ketchup curry with fresh onions. Thanks to August & Henri ® mammoth sauce, you can combine the best properties of these 3 sauces with crunchy pieces of onion in one sauce!

Along with cooked sausages and smoked sausages (often called frankfurters), traditionally ketchup or mustard is served. While Algerian, samurai, pili pili, brazil or hannibal sauce are perfect to enrich your sausages for gourmet hotdogs.


August & Henri® mustard is essential for aperitifs where salami cubes are served. With a pearl onion and a pickle, the slightly spicy mustard takes on its full meaning!

Gourmet time

The holidays are coming and that only means one thing: gourmet time! Gourmet is undoubtedly one of the best choices during Christmas or New Year. You can hardly avoid it, you will see a delicious assortment in every single supermarket. Some baguette, herb butter and sauces on the table. Because, no gourmet without sauces, right? But what are the best sauces for gourmet?

The classics

Let’s not argue: a good mayonnaise goes with everything! But in addition to all these more classic sauces such as ketchup, cocktail and barbecue, we also have more special sauces on offer that will make your mouth water. Take our black pepper, for example, which is delicious with a steak or hamburger. You can compare this with a soft pepper sauce in which black pepper balls provide a slightly spicy taste.

Can it be a bit more spicy?

If you like it a bit more spicy with your piece of meat, you can always go for algerienne. A sauce based on crispy onions. This is also very tasty with a piece of chicken! Algerienne is currently one of the most popular snack sauces in France.

In addition to Algerienne, we also have a wide range of spicy sauces, such as samourai, pili-pili, döner, chili-thai …

A sweet alternative?

Would you rather have a sweet sauce for chicken? Then the brazil sauce is an ideal choice, a sweet and exotic sauce with pineapple.

Some other sweet sauces are hannibal, the sauce has a slightly smoked taste with crispy pieces of onion. Or mammouth, a slightly spicy sauce based on tomato, gherkins and onion pieces.

Gourmet with fish, salads and pasta

Are you not a meat lover and would you rather go for a piece of fish? Then go for our tasty tartar sauce, a freshly acidified mayonnaise with capers, onions and parsley flakes.

Of course you will also find an extensive range of vegetable sauces at August & Henri to season all your salads, vegetables and pasta dishes. For example, you can choose from tomato basil, inspired by the classic pasta sauce based on basil and tomato. The mushroom truffle, where the truffle gives a natural flavor boost to your dish. Or how about red pepper coconut, slightly spicy, inspired by the Thai curry sauce with red pepper and coconut.

A sauce for everyone

Fortunately, everyone has their own favorite!

Enjoy the gourmet and the cozy together!

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Enjoy your meal!

Blanche sauce

Welcome to the new August & Henri sauces blog. Ready to discover all our sauces with flavours from around the world? Today we present to you one of the most versatile sauces … the Blanche sauce!

What is blanche sauce?

Blanche sauce (white sauce) is part of our family of cold emulsified August & Henri sauces. The white sauce is very creamy and very smooth in texture. The taste is delicious and very fresh thanks to the crunchy pickles and a touch of mustard. Herbs complete the sensation of taste!

Presentation suggestions

Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or fish eater, the white sauce will be loved by everyone! Let’s discover the characteristics of August & Henri white sauce together.

White sauce is perfect for kebab, shawarma and pitta dishes. Moreover, it is a good alternative for cheese sauces that accompany tacos. In addition the white sauce is ideal for all kinds of sandwiches and breads. Take your pick and enjoy a good chicken sandwich, with fresh vegetables and white sauce as a topping. Garlic lovers can add a little fresh garlic to enhance the taste (like August & Henri’s garlic kebab sauce).

In addition, the white sauce is also suitable as a dressing for cold salads. Prepare your fresh vegetables and mix them with a little white sauce. You can even add fresh Greek yogurt to it to soften the taste. As a result, August & Henri’s white sauce allows you to create your own party on your plate in spring and summer!

Are the cold days approaching? Or do you prefer hot vegetables? The white sauce doesn’t leave you out in the cold! Thanks to its low fat content, August & Henri white sauce is tasty with steamed vegetables as well.

In addition for vegetarians there are falafels with ground chickpeas. A delicious appetizer with white sauce as a dip sauce!

Do you want to eat fish? The white sauce goes well with all kinds of fish. Pink prawns, gray prawns, a good fillet of salmon and even with white fish. Thanks to its fine herbs, white sauce is the perfect seasoning for your fish dishes!

Homemade Blanche sauce

You are the chef in your own kitchen! Create your own homemade white sauce with August & Henri mayonnaise as a base. By adding fresh pickles or cucumbers and a touch of chopped parsley, you can give your signature white sauce! Adventurers can also add Greek yogurt for a Mediterranean touch or tahini (sesame paste) for an oriental touch.

Sauce you soon!

So far for this pleasant introduction to our white sauce. Share your creations with us on our social networks. Take advantage of our sauces and stay tuned to discover the full range of August & Henri sauces!

Presentation of our new vegan gluten free range

New strategy for Fresh & Saucy Foods which tackles the market of vegan and gluten-free natural sauces with its new natural range August & Henri!

We announced it to you recently, our new distribution brand August & Henri has been launched for the new year 2019 on the Belgian market with its 22 classic sauces made with tradition, passion & love. A real success for our company that continues to be solicited by customers in the 4 corners of the world since this announcement. But that’s not all! Following a study conducted by our R & D department among consumer panels, we detected a real need and craze for an alternative of healthy, natural, low-fat sauces. And as we always, we go the extra mile, the range developed is also suitable for vegan people, intolerant to gluten or lactose!

Our healthy, vegan, gluten free sauces at Dubai and Tokyo fairs

Visit us at the Gulfood which takes place from 17 to 21 February in Dubai and at Foodex Japan from 5 to 8 March 2019 and discover in preview our range of natural legumaises, without preservatives or additives, vegan & gluten-free! Be at the forefront of trends by offering an almost global novelty in your market!

Dubai Gulfood: Dubai World Trade Center – Hall Sheikh Saaeed – N°S2-B50
Foodex Tokyo: Makuhari Messe – Hall Tokyo – Booth 3C10-8

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Foodex Japan: August & Henri causes a stir!

Fresh & Saucy Foods had the pleasure of participating in the 44th International Foodex Show in Japan in Tokyo. This event was a real success for our range of vegan sauces from August & Henri! TV interview, articles written by bloggers, August & Henri really seduced Japanese visitors!

TV interview on Japan TV

August & Henri’s new range of vegan sauces caused a real curiosity during the Foodex, to the point that Japanese TV asked to interview Christoph Pauwels, our managing director. In addition to meeting an important demand among the Japanese, the brand is particularly appreciated for its branding and the history of its creation.

Japanese bloggers talk about it!

Sauces without additives, gluten free and vegan, this is what bloggers appreciated most at August &Henri. The logo is also an element that they reflect “(…) Father and son prepare a recipe together… There is warmth in the scene of two people tasting a sauce together. “August & Henri these are Belgian flavors but also from all over the world (…). »

Youshifumi Inoue, blogger specializing in food without additives even wrote an article about our sauces on his blog.

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