Belgian sauces for fries

When you think of Belgium, you think of the many snackbars and delicious Belgian sauces for fries. There’s no getting around it, any chip shop you enter in Belgium has a colorful array of great sauces to choose from. At August & Henri ® you can find all your favorite cold sauces, Made in Belgium!

The range of Belgian sauces for fries

August & Henri offers the full range of Belgian sauces for fries. Think of the traditional mayonnaise, but also the tomato ketchup, curry ketchup, andalouse, samourai, cocktail, américaine, curry, tartare and mustard. In addition to the traditional snackbar sauces, we also have a wide range of special cold sauces. How about an exotic Brazil, a sweet sauce based on pineapple. Or a spicy Chili Thai, sweet and spicy at the same time. Algerienne, with fried onions for a sweet touch and red peppers for a spicy taste boost. Hannibal with crispy onion pieces or mammouth, sweet and slightly spicy based on tomato, gherkins and onion pieces.

The snackbar sauces

All our Belgian snackbar sauces have been developed and extensively tested in such a way that they can be stored at room temperature for a longer period of time. After opening, we do recommend that you keep the deep-fry sauces in the refrigerator to guarantee an optimal taste.

Do you opt for a packet of fries with mayonnaise in the chip shop? A currywurst or frikandel with mammouth? A boulet with curry? Or would you rather have a mexicano with samourai? With the Belgian sauces for fries from August & Henri®, every snackbar visit becomes an experience for you and your customers!

Squeeze, tube, pet jar or bucket?

Both consumers and professionals will find their desired packaging at August & Henri ®. For consumers we offer handy squeeze bottles in 300ml and 500ml. For professionals, we recommend a 925ml squeeze tube, a 3L PET jar or a 5L or 10L bucket. Industrial customers can also contact August & Henri for bulk deliveries.

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